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Keisuke Tonkotsu King Review

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Having super lots of craving about Japanese Ramen, I finally got the chance to try Keisuke Tonkotsu King at Tanjong Pagar. 2 years ago, I think they won the award of being the Top ramen noodles in Ramen Champion competition. 

You can find their reviews here and here. Or you can google "Tonkotsu King".

Well here's my insight. 


Upon reaching there around 7pm, there was rather a long queue of people waiting. Given it's our first time there, we were abit lost of what to do, especially with ordering. I'll explain that in a bit.

The exterior decoration has japan feel definitely, but the shop is really really small. Continue reading to find out.

While waiting, we spotted a few chairs that allows us to take a seat.

You can spot their banners, it's really very near Tanjong Pagar Mrt. We merely took less than 5 minutes of walk over there. And it's quite easy to spot given that it's so near.

After waiting for about few minutes, the guy in front passed us a board with a stack of order forms and pencil. This is the order form. There seems to be an unsaid practise/procedure to how people order. They just kept passing down the form to the person behind after filling up theirs. It seems like an automatic process. Pretty save much time for the busy staffs.

As you can see, it's very customisable; something which I really like about. They even stated that "Normal" is the Authentic Japan Taste.

A word of advice: It's easier to find seat in smaller groups than a big group. If you have a big group, you might have to wait for quite some time.

Do note: if you have a big group, make sure everyone is present. Because it's so crowded, they would deny you entry (even if they do have space) till everyone in your group is present. It's being fair to the rest of the people who are queuing.

When Clark and I ate finish, we then saw the big group able to enter as before that, not everyone was present.

At some point of time while queuing, they would ask for your order form so as to prepare your bowl of noodles first, so that you do not need to wait so long, and it fastens the whole process of the restaurant.

We queued around 15-20mins which I have no complains given that I expected to wait for minimum 30 minutes to an hour.

This is how the shop looks like. Really small. 2 chefs, 2 service staff.

We got a seat just beside 2 guys. Imagine a table of 4. The 2 guys sat the inner seats, Clark and I sat on the outer ones. It was kind of awkward but no choice. We had to share the table stuffs of like sauces, the complimentary bean sprouts and eggs. They were quite friendly. However, it's quite inconvenient to kept interrupting them to get the condiments as it was on their side.

They served us with plain water, and this! Black and white sesame. You are suppose to crush it really well (probably till the seeds breaks at least), and add a suitable amount into your soup. I added to mine as I really want to try it out. It gives an aroma of sesame which is not too strong. Just a subtle amount of aroma. I feel it really layers the soup. It's optional. Omit this if you don't like sesame.

Our noodles came pretty fast. I ordered the original, Tonkatsu Special Ramen which has everything (meaning the flavoured runny egg and the giant Japanese seaweed). 

Taste of soup: Strong 
Chicken Oil: Normal
Noodle Texture: Normal

I pretty much love flavourful soup so I opted for Strong. It taste alright for me. Doubt there's any MSG inside as I don't feel horribly thirsty. 

I thought my bowl of noodles was quite good. Given the price is reasonable, and the bowl is rather big. The soup is flavourful, thanking the layer of chicken oil floating at the top (deadly unhealthy). There are some strands of black fungus in them which I find it a little unnecessary but just ate it anyway. 

The best part of the noodles is the flavoured egg. I don't eat egg yolks. But this egg tore my heart away. I simply adore the runny flavoured egg. Super nice. And the yolk is just nice! 


Clark ordered the spicy, Black Spicy Tonkatsu Special Ramen which is same as mine just that they added spices in them. 

Taste of soup: Normal 
Chicken Oil: Normal
Noodle Texture: Normal

I did try his soup. Didn't find it really good. I thought the original was better. He tried my soup and find that it was too strong for his liking. Noodles were rather nice, springy and chewy. I prefer softer noodles though. 

This is the unlimited free flow seasoned bean sprouts. Clark said not to eat so much because it's not good for body. I'm guessing it is seasoned simply with Japanese Salad Sauce. I recently just bought the sauce and it's good to eat with raw vegetables!

You can tell them that you've finished the jar. They'll give you a new one! I felt it wasn't that awesome as what people said it is. I didn't manage to finish an entire jar. I thought it was good. But wasn't so good that I could finish this entire jar. Some people put them in their bowl of ramen, I followed. Not much difference #laughsatownsilliness

They do have a free flow bowl of hard boiled eggs, both brown and white. Clark ate like around 6 eggs? He says it has proteins! He's training and buffing up so yea, good choice to go eat.

Some condiments and even TISSUE BOX! I went Nakhon kitchen and they provide toilet paper. No complains. Cos most places just provide a single serviette =( Or wet towels and it's CHARGEABLE! #firstworldproblems

If you need extra noodles, they are doing at $1 or $2 depending on how much you want! 

The char siew meat is rather thick (ate even thinner slice before) and it's quite soft. I tried taking pictures of the thickness of the meat but failed. iPhone can't detect :/ 

Overall: I felt that the bowl of ramen was slightly above average, though I prefered Ikkousha's soup base. I love how the egg felt and the yolk was perfect. People was really considerate in eating fast so that the rest outside don't have to wait so long. I really felt the thoughtfulness of the people who dine in there! Kudos!

It's a pretty squeezy place. Not a place to slowly enjoy eating and chit chatting with friends. It's more of a quick meal and zoom, off you go. So if you wish to find a place to chill, this is definitely not the place to go. If you wish to have a quick full meal, then this is a suitable place. 

Worth to try or not? For a cheapest bowl at $10.80, free bean sprouts and hard boiled egg, customised bowl of ramen, why not? I felt it's worth to try at least once, because it's really quite worth and the price of noodles is not horrendously expensive. (I ate at Ikkousha for around 17 bucks!) However, you may get a little tired of it if you keep eating them frequently.

1 Tras Link
#01-19 Orchid Hotel

Singapore 078867
Neighbourhood: Tanjong Pagar
Tel: 6636 0855
Reservations not allowed. Cash payment only.

Mon-Sun -----11:30 am - 3pm
Mon-Sun -----6 pm - 10:30pm

They have another outlet which named their bowls of noodles after the 4 seasons! Address and details in the picture below. I would go try one day!

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