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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hello! Sorry for the super late part 2 of Bangkok Guide! I'm busy with some work as well as school! I'm gonna make this guide as simple as it can be as some did feedback me that it's too wordy! If you need to know more info, I would definitely willing to help as much as I can! Of cos I would not say I know 101% fully about Bangkok! Just sharing experience!


As some of you who followed me on instagram (I love insta!), you would know that my family and I had chosen to stay at Centre Point Petchburi Hotel Bangkok, located opposite Platinum Mall!

Previously we have debated so long on which hotel to stay, and my mum's friend recommended Baiyoke Hotel, while my friend, Klifferd, recommended Centre Point Petchburi Hotel Bangkok. After doing some research, we decided on the latter.


Research told us that CP (Short for Centre Point Petchburi) hotel rooms are very spacious, clean and really squeeky clean, and they are having a promotion of SGD80+ per night per room. For those who are going on budget trip, then you can try other hotels like the ones Jem & Andrea stayed in ( For us, we wish to go more towards comfort yet reasonable priced!

On a side note, if you wish to stay in 5-star quality hotel, I recommend Amari Watergate. Really grand!

CP has a reception waiting for you everyday for guests to help themselves to, wide spread of buffet, and spacious rooms. If you wish to add bed, blanket or anything, it's at addition cost. I recommend 3 to stay in a room is cheaper than us splitting 6 people into 3 rooms! But still, it's worth!

Request for 20th floor and above as they are the newly furbished ones. The hotel is going through refurbishing of their rooms! Nevertheless, they are clean no matter what. 

Relaxing porch outside the lobby! Love it max! And you can spot C resting there!

Just directly opposite our hotel is this best foot massage place call Number One. There are about 3-4 massage places just side by side along the small road and this one has full house almost every night! We even went during their Christmas celebration night and they were sooooooooooooo friendly! Invited us to celebrate together even! However we were too tired!

Around the area has lots of food stalls and pushcarts around!

C, my bro and I went to walk and find Banana Prata as recommended by Klifferd and couldn't find it. We ended up walking to Baiyoke Hotel, and then we realised that Baiyoke is further in from the main street. Plus point is there are lots of set-up-temporary shops along the small roads that you can shop at!

There's an amazing seafood shop just beside our hotel! Must try: their LALA! Superb! But sold out very fast! Please rush there once they are open!


The day we landed, we quickly went to Amari Watergate to tailor suits and formal shirts! I have found lots of places like Crown Tailoring, Paul's fashion, Alex's fashion etc. But have chosen Amari Watergate (where Paul's fashion and Alex's fashion are) as it's sooooo near our hotel.

IMO, choose a tailor place NEAR to your hotel as you will be expected (most probably) to go back for fitting and adjustement. Also, go make your suit the first day you landed as they need time to tailor your suit plus there are soooooo many singaporeans going there to do it!

We landed on Friday, and got our suit on Tuesday. There was a delay where we were initially promised that collection would be on Monday.

1. Too many Singaporeans/people tailoring
2. During fitting, there are bound to have adjustments made here and there! Please do check properly and try it on as you can't fly back there to adjust again!

We chose Alex's fashion as there are too many people at Paul's that we fear might lower down the quality of tailoring. This is just our assumption! (Thou we met a couple who was there and told us that Paul's standard dropped as there were too many people!!!)

To cut short, Alex's fashion customer service is really good. They are patient and did their best to adhere to our request! Though there are minor hiccups along the way which caused us to be a little frustrated (like waited for quite some time for the clothes to arrive for fitting, wrong button colour etc) but it was all settled at the end of the day. They even offered to post our clothes back FOC if there was any more further delay!


On the left is the tailor master, the right is Alex! Founder of Alex's fashion! His son is learning ropes from him! They will be in Singapore in March (not sure exact date) and I heard 1000+ people are expected to be there so make sure you make an appointment early! ( or Do feel free to email them! 

Price roughly  S$354 (or 8500 Thai baht) for 1 jacket, 2 pants, 4 shirts and 2 ties.
Both Dad and C opted for that package while the rest of us did just formal shirts! 

Alex’s FashionTel: (+662) 6539124 Mobile (+668) 98971210

Opening Hours: 
Monday – Saturday 10 AM – 8 PM
Sunday 11 AM-3 PM

 They do reply very promptly to their emails! :)

One-Day Tour

As mentioned earlier in Part 1, Mana, our tour guide, do provide transportation services as well as the one-day tour! We really enjoyed the 1-day tour.

1. He's very attentive, even have water, sweets on board the vehicle, and gave us Banana in case we're hungry!
2. Took pictures for us and emailed us within 2 weeks!
3. Always smiling and friendly!
4. He explains very clearly, and his english is very good!
5. Reasonably priced

I have seen other day tours and once I compare, Mana's one is the best. Thus we decide to give it a shot and was totally happy about it!

Do click to enlarge picture for his packages! 

Our very very spacious and comfy toyota van! :) We kept falling asleep in the van! Lol! Too comfortable!

First stop, the railway market. Here is the railway track where the train will end!

The entrance to the market.

Very nice popcorn made by a old antique machine!

The market! There are super lots of stuffs to see! It's like a wet market flooded with tourists! We bought small garlic and prawn paste! If you have elderly, mums, dads, or people who love to cook, then you should go and get some items there! :)

As you can see poles around, once the train is due to come, all the stall vendors will push in their items and shelters just enough for the train to go by! Very very good experience!

Mana and C! I took a video on the train just passing by! It's sooooooo amazing!

Next stop is the floating market! We sat in this sampan-like boat! Paid the express fare as the cheaper one you have to wait + it's rowed by a thai staff! For those who have time to spare, you can opt for the cheaper one! For those who don't, then just go for the express one. It's really fun! 

The floating market that sells lots of souvenirs. They are really over priced thus we didn't buy much except for some really unique decorations!

Definitely not missing the ever-so-sweet mango sticky rice! We just requested for Mango! :D So fresh and sweet!

The last stop is at the crocodile-elephant-snake show! I super adore the elephants and didn't opt for riding them after hearing from a friend of mine on how they train the elephants. All my heart goes out to them. I was initially opposing the idea of going for this package due to the elephant issue. 

However, we didn't want to visit temples, thus, we just opted for this package. Love feeding the elephants and stroking them! 

There is a thai buffet lunch available before viewing the shows! :) Super worth!


Yes! Bangkok means shopping! I'm really saddened by the fact I went too late =( Because I heard that few years back the clothes were really really super cheap and you can bargain especially when you buy in bulk. However, now they are so stern in their pricing that they rather don't sell to you! 

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Things to note:

1. Chatuchak has alot of small entrances like below, and a huge main entrance

2. Do take their map at the main entrance. It's really very useful getting around using the map!

3. Bring your own tote bag/backpack to store your items rather than carrying so many plastic bags

4. Hardly any bargaining.

5. Drink lots of water as it's REALLY SO HOT nearing noon time. Scorching hot sun! 

6. Wear light! and put sunscreen!

7. Toilet is located near the main entrance! (Impt!)

We took a cab near our hotel to Chatuchak. Bad experience. Our cabbie wanted to bring us to some jewellery store to earn commission before sending us to Chatuchak. At such situation, leave the cab and flag another one. Do not pay for it! Just leave. 

Agree on meter before getting on the cab. If you're familiar with the charges, then you can sit the tuktuk. Else go on cab. Else you'll get ripped off. Our ride cost less than 200 Baht!

Had lots of fun at Chatuchak as I love all the street food! Like the one below has their delicious rice noodles so smooth and qq, plus C's favourite pig blood which he savour it thoroughly! It's piping hot and we were crazy to eat in such a hot weather!

Everyone recommend the coconut ice cream but I prefer the thai iced tea flavour one! Try both! No harm! :) 

It's located near the main entrance. Facing Chatuchak from main entrance, turn right once you're inside Chatuchak! :)

You can choose your own toppings! I chose some nuts and grass jelly!

Also we discovered this yummy pig's organ stall that is sooooooooo good we packet some back!

We had some pork, intestines, and C wanted to try Pig's ear but i refuse. You can order Pig's tongue if you like! 

Thai Kebab!

Bought some necklaces there however not much! 

If you have pets, DO BUY PET STUFFS THERE! Got really cheap dog treats 3 pack for 100 baht where singapore sells them for $5 per pack!!!!!!!!! 

Cute bunnies!!!

And teacup puppies!


1. Good place to get Pet Stuffs.

2. We left around noon as my parents couldn't take the heat and I prefer to go along with the group! :) Mum told us we should have shopped ourselves!

3. Can get really cheap t-shirts there!

4. Food Food and Food! :)

5. Take a cab back from main entrance! Try not to exceed 5-6pm as there will be worse congestion (advise by friend!)

Terminal 21

Terminal 21 is a mall that has a specific theme on each level! It's a mall for photo taking! Apparels and items are rather pricey though I almost bought one really unique good quality pants but opt out last minute!

Here are some pictures!

Roman theme!

Spectacular interior design!


I didn't take pictures of other places we went thus I'll just give a main summary!

Platinum Mall

One of our favourite place to shop! We totally forgot about pratunam market (big sigh!!) as we heard there has super cheap stuffs!

1. Cannot bargain. Prices are fixed according to them! It does not vary much when you buy in bulk! 

2. Has food court that sells pretty decent food. Go to the counter and purchase a card to purchase your food. Left over amount refundable back at counter!

3. Bird's nest not worth to try. It's not really that fantastic! Plus prices increased. This applies to other places as we have tried the seafood place at Chinatown and their bird's nest wasn't good as well.

4. Bangkok Maps at Tourist Info Counter outside the main entrance. We asked from the information counter and the lady wasn't happy

5. This lady selling watches (some are so familiar that blogshops are selling at a much higher price-.-) that are mostly 100 baht and better qualities ones for higher price. She's really so friendly and nice! Her shop is near the escalator around 3rd floor!

Siam Paragon

We didn't go Siam Square due to the lack of time. Siam Paragon is really pretty! More like the high-class shopping mall! 

It's where the Siam ocean world, Madam Tussad Museum are! But the entrance fees are so expensive that we skipped it! I shall go next time!

The rather awesome food court that is so pretty! Go to the counter to get a card and top up $$. Refundable when you return the card!

Pretty decorations around!

Overall: Can skip if you have no time. Nothing much to shop unless you looking for branded or more expensive range! Or if you wish to go to the ocean world or museum! 


We didn't shop much there as we bought mostly from Platinum! I feel you can skip that place unless you wish to buy some souvenirs! 

Big C

Shop for Tom Yum paste at their "Giant" Store. They have a place like Singapore's Carrefour, NTUC, Giant where you can buy some stuffs. Charlene recommended this brand of tom yum paste and we immediately went to buy! She says her tour guide recommend this strongly!!!! Also we bought some freshly cut + hygienically wrapped fruits and ate them in the hotel!

Side Note:

1. It's my first time there! Thus there are still lots of places that I didn't have time to go! =( Would love to visit Bangkok again! 

2. Watch your purse, bags, wallets. Always carry near you and bags in front of you.

3. Near our hotel there are lots of side streets that have vendors selling clothes, food etc. Explore!!!!!

4. When you see something you like, BUY IT. Because the stall may not be there/open the next day you go back! 

5. Bangkok Map is really useful! Do get 1 if you can! It helps in navigating around!

6. Recommend 1-day tour to experience Bangkok's beauty! Unless you only wants purely shopping!

Hope I did help you guys out a little! Enjoy Bangkok! And eat away!!

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