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Monday, December 03, 2012


Those who know me, should probably know that my family and I owns a cute little dog named Sachi. We adopted her from a friend's friend of mine. My friend mass texted everyone that her friend has a dog that needs adoption as she's unable to keep it. I love dogs since I'm young but my parents hasn't allowed me to keep due to a few reasons:

Responsibility, Commitment, Sensitive Nose issue.

I have very sensitive nose, which made my parents nag me about the amount of soft toys I slept with every night. Especially those furry ones. Keep a furry friend, regardless whether it's a fish, cat, hamster, dog, rabbit, etc requires lots of responsibility and commitment from the entire family. It's a long-term commitment. My family has kept fish (I think we kinda not suitable because we don't really know how to rear them) & terrapin before. Thus, having a dog at home will amount to a lot of learning experience for us. 

When we first saw her picture, we were like "Oh my it's full pure black!". Like super black! And not many people keep furry pets that are black. Usually people would go for white, brown, or other colours! Of cos, that does not mean that people don't go for black furry pets. They do, but I feel not as many as those choosing lighter colours. Thankfully, my parents agreed finally. And, Sachi came to our family in 2007! (if I did remember the year correctly). She was then 5 months old, a pomeranian mix. I'm not sure what she was mixed with but we suspect a shepherd breed due to her personality, and she looks like a little shepherd!

As time passed, my family grew to love her so much she became the little princess of our family. Super pampered little dog and is definitely my mum's little darling! 

Lo and behold, this year recently just a month or two back, my uncle got a little puppy for my cousins, whom one of them fell in love with him when she set her eyes upon. Lets welcome Tofu, a pure brown pomeranian! 

Tofu is such a cute little darling and he's so cheerful, happy, and friendly! Super active too! Pomeranians are smart by nature and you will be amazed by how fast they learn. Even Sachi knows quite a number of tricks, but can be quite naughty and stubborn. Well, once her little treat comes in sight.........Haha!

Everyone adores Tofu! The way he runs around and he's so tiny you could carry him with your palms! The reason why there are so many photos of Tofu because I just saw him on Sunday during our weekly relatives gathering! 

For those who are getting/gotten your own puppy, it's really vital to train them when they are really young, because the foundation of behaviour starts from there. Don't forget to socialise your puppy when he/she is young to prevent it from being scared of others when they are older. Because when a dog is scared, it's very likely they would hide / bark / bite back at strangers especially. 

Don't be afraid when your dog barks are nothing in particular as though you thought are barking at some translucent figures. They are not. Some dogs are very sensitive to lights, sounds, reflections and things around them. Sachi barks at reflections especially, sounds, and she used to bark at buses. Now she barks at motocycles and bicycles. 

Always bring your dog for yearly vaccination! Sachi has her yearly vaccination as well as heartworm injection at a clinic in Ang Mo Kio, The Animal Doctors (Tel: 64514531). . Really good clinic and have lovely doctors there! I like Dr. Chionh Su Lin. Love it there! You can google for reviews and stuffs! Do book an appointment before going there! 

To learn training tips, you can always go google them and start training your puppy. For potty training, what we did was:

1. Decide where you want your pup to do their potty poop/pee. Ours is on newspaper. I recommend dogs doing it in the toilet. It would be easier for cleaning up. Maybe putting newspaper in a toilet at the corner. Or use the urine pad that you can get it in pet store/daiso. It makes it easier to clean up compared to newspaper as newspaper is not very absorbent instantly. It takes quite some time to absorb. Some would train your pup to do it in a cage/area, that's fine.

2. It's vital to give full attention to your puppy at its initial stage of training. Monitor your pup. When you sense it is about to do its business/started doing, quickly pick it up, and put it at the designated area you wish to let it do its business in future. Praise it and give a little treat when done. For those who potty train using a cage, you can feed your puppy at a feeding area, then carry your pup to the cage and keep it inside till it is done with the business before letting it out and giving it a treat. I learnt this from googling but didn't train sachi using a cage for potty training. Sachi does it on newspaper. 

3. Don't be afraid to spank/scold your puppy when it does poops at wrong places. When I say spank, I don't mean hit hardly. You can use a newspaper roll-up, and hit its backside (newspaper don't hurt), or you can punish it by making it stand at a corner? I saw S.H.E. Selina punish her dog by making it stand with its two front paws on a short table. Super cute! When you scold, use the same words "Bad dog" or "Bad Boy/Girl". Note: Dogs have short term memory. If you discover a chunk of poop after half hour, some recommend not to scold/spank and leave it alone because your pup would be wondering why it is getting scolded. What I did was to bring Sachi to the poop, make her see it (turn her around), and scold her while pointing to the poop. 

4. Pick up the poop/pee and put at the designated area, bring your pup there, and let it smell. This is to let your puppy know that it did its business there and must do there in future. Don't forget to reward/give treat to your pup when it poops/pee at the right place and tell them "Good Girl/Good Boy!"

There are various ways of potty training your dog so if you guys want to know more, please do google! 

I know of some couples who have gotten a fur kid when they get together. However, when some break-up, neither of them wants the puppy. I don't think that should be the right thing to do it unless one of them agree to keep the puppy? Here are some considerations before getting one:

Relationships are not confirm. I mean, there are many relationships existing. However, even a 10-years relationship can come to naught. I have known friends who have been in a relationship for so many years, and broke up eventually. Perhaps feeling fade? or they have gone to later stages of life, knowing more people and decide on a mutual break up? There are people who got engaged but cancelled at the last minute when they already gotten their house, decorations, sent our wedding invitations and all. What I can say, life is unpredictable. I don't think that a couple should get a puppy together as you won't know what would happen to the little one if anything happens (*touchwood* of cos). Definitely I hope all couples will end up happy, married, have kids and their fur kids! But I don't think we are living in a conservative society anymore where arranged marriage existed, etc. Anything can happen! So do really give great considerations before deciding to get a little fur kid!

For those who don't mind, do consider adopting a furkid because there are lots of little friends who are homeless and need some tender loving care! Of cos you can buy your own little puppy too! It all depends on you! :) A little fur friend can really brighten up your day and make you really happy! 

On a side note, I'll be heading to bangkok soon! Heard there are some furry friend's stuffs there! Can't wait to shop and look around as I've never been there to shop! Especially lots of yummy food! First and only time there when I was like, 7? or 8? Around there.

Please enjoy cute little Tofu's photos! He keep making me go "awwwwwwww~"
 See you guys soon!

"Fill your day with smiles because it will brighten you up both physically and psychologically"

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