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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Swee Choon. I have been hearing my girls raving about how good and affordable this restaurant is, how yummy their dim sums are, how delicious the food brings to their palate. So, finally, the girls and I with C (he happen to come by my work place that day so I invited him along!) had time to go and try this infamous restaurant! 

Swee Choon is situated along Jalan Besar Road. I have been to the Macdonalds there before but failed to notice the restaurant there! We walked from Farrer Park MRT and it took us about 5-10mins, not that long.  Advice to people who wants to go there, the queue at night is pretty long. They have 2 areas - Air conditioned and non-air conditioned. Because of a whole day's work, most of us opted for air conditioned even though we are subject to wait for 20mins.   

Perhaps we are lucky that day, we only waited about 10 mins! :D On the exterior of the place, the sign board has shown some traditional chinese ambiance to it, and my first impression was that it seemed like some 老字号! I'm not sure how long this restaurant has been! Food pictures were outside and while waiting you can order your food using the form that they give. It's pretty similar to other chinese restaurant like Ding Tai Fung or Crystal Jade, etc. You can check out their opening hours below!

This is the huge form that they have. You can click to enlarge the image for the prices. For those food with a bracket and a number inside. It means how many pieces in a serving. Example if you order Pau, and it has (2) at the side, it means 2 Pau per serving.

Here are the directions on how to get there. It is situated under a shophouse kind of place, walkable from either Farrer Park Mrt or Lavender Mrt! I think Farrer Park is pretty easy! :D 

Contact number of Swee Choon. I'm not sure on whether we are able to make reservations because my friends and I didn't! Those who can zap can just zap the squares below! :)

Some star new food! Please do try their very famous Steamed Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun! A MUST-TRY!

Their menu for your reference :D

 Enough of introduction, finally we've come to the main topic of FOOD itself. These are what my friends and I have ordered and tried.

Ja Jiang Mian! It's basically minced meat in black sauce with ramen noodles! It tasted totally different from Ding Tai Fung. Don't really recommend you to try cos I tried the one at Kopitiam at hougang mall and is even way better than this! 2.5/5

The simple noodles with galic and soy sauce! Quite pleasant. The noodles are handmade and we were seeing the chef tossing the noodles and all! Taste wise still quite okay! It's chef recommendation on their menu! 3.5/5

Onion pancakes! It's quite delicious! Tasted like roti prata! Even looked like one! Dip in the sauce and woah, totally different flavour will be busted in your taste palate! 4/5

Xiao Long Bao! I'm pretty sure most of you guys know about this. This xiao long pau is slightly bigger than the normal ones. The skin is soft & not too thick. I've eaten some that are so hard despite steaming it :/ This one is a must-try! definitely not those frozen kinds. I kinda like it :D My friends do as well! 4.3/5

Custard Yolk Pau! Please do order this! My friends love it to bits! And lots of people ordered it! The insides is a mixture of custard that melts in your mouth, flavoured with a tinge of salted egg. Not overpowering at all. I'm skeptical about this yet I love it! 4.6/5!

Red bean pancake! Quite nice compared to the ones I have outside. Crispy and hot! But not the best yet! The best I had was in Malaysia though. Haha! 4.3/5

Tako raved about this and say it's confirm chop nice. Hmm apparently different people have different taste preference. I don't think most of us enjoyed this. It's basically mee sua noodles packed tgt with a little garnished and fried. It's really very starchy given that it's all noodles. Quite oily! Tako finished one whole plate herself. I gave up after 1.5 cubes! One plate has 6 cubes! 3.5/5 Then again, different people have different preference! Do order one and try! 

Most of our loves! Is a huge plate of steamed egg! Everyone loved it! A must-order dish! It's so soft silky and smooth when in your mouth! With a little soy-sauce mixture, it gives an additional flavour to egg-gy taste. 4.5/5

Fried dumpling! With chives and pork. Rather normal! Too thick on the skin! I kinda took off the skin and ate the insides only. Not recommended. 2.5/5

This is pretty good! Quite simple! Toufu is soft and I love pork floss :D R loves this dish cos she loves toufu! LOL 4/5

I think we have 1-2 more dishes still but I didn't manage to snap a shot down! There's one hong you chao shou! It's dumplings in spicy sauce! that one MUST-ORDER! It's soooooooooooo nice! Even better than ding tai fung's! 4.7/5!

There are still many many dishes you can order and try. But given that we are all girls except for C, we couldn't eat finish -.- And thus didn't order much either. Above is the damage for 5 people and we are practically full like mad! Do hop down to try them and tell me your reviews too! 

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