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B.liv Shrink and Tighten by Cellnique

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I wanted to use this for a certain period of time, long enough, to do a review on this product. It would heighten the accuracy of my verdict of this product! Thus, I have tried this product for about, hmm, 2months plus? 

I had patience with Bliv Shrink and Tighten, Large Pores Diminishing Night Complex! They have both day and night serum that claims to shrink pores. I went to SASA just browsing and seeing that they still have GSS Promo, and have tried B.liv Off with Those Head previously here, I was blown away by the way it helps me to lessen the black and white heads, plus another miracle thing I've found out about it. It helps prevent breakouts! LOL.

So literally now, I apply this shrink and tighten, and off with those head over my face. I just put on my cheeks and areas that are prone to break outs and it works amazing. Had let Diana tried the "Off with Those Head" and she says it helps to prevent breakouts! 

So back to Shrink and Tighten, it's quite a light yet a little oily texture that promises to help shrink and tighten your pores, especially enlarged pores while ensuring your skin's firmness and brightness at all hours. It also promises magic at night to stimulate collagen production to make sure that your pores are always out of sight. It has 10% L-ascorbic acid and cell regeneration nutrients firms your skin, and brightens your complexion, leaving you looking flawless and healthy once again.

It comes with a rubber top, and a white cap. Each time just use about 2 drops to cover your pores area. I just put them on my nose, below the lips, and cheeks! Just rub it in gently! The downside of using a rubber tip is that you can see the rubber fading out in yellowish colour. When I first took the packaging out, the rubber tip was transparent. It just looks more unsightly that's all. Didn't affect anything though.

This is how the mixture looks like (below picture). I had it on my hand to let you have a closer look on how the liquid is like. It's slightly oily but light. Just apply on your face and it blends in well.

After using it for more than 2 months, I find that this product don't really work for me. My pores are still quite large, probably I do have quite bad acne scars on my nose as well.  I have researched and read reviews online about this product and they all say that this product don't really work for them. 

For about 15ml, I paid $69.95 for it. Why am I crazy to get this product? I'm desperate to make my pores smaller at my nose area, and I just thought, try it in case it is good! No pain (loss of money lol), no gain (smaller pores?). However, it doesn't work for me sad to say. Though it doesn't, I still use it everyday without fail. Because it would be such a waste to just put it aside or throw it away. 

I don't really recommend anyone to buy this because I find that it isn't worth for your money. For enlarge pores and acne scars, best is go for laser treatment. I did contemplate to go with my friend to Batam to do it because she did it there and is way much cheaper than doing it in Singapore. Unless any laser treatment company/ people willing to sponsor me to do it which I doubt so as I'm quite busy to blog that frequently but I'll try! 

For those frantically worrying about acne breakouts, I'm a happy person to say that I have my daily skin care routine that helps me to successfully prevent breakouts or minimise breakouts even when my monthly period comes or when I'm sick! Woo! One of the main products I use is the MENTHOLATUM ACNES POINT CLEAR (MEDICATED) roll-on stick which works amazing for me. I'm on my 2nd stick now! I'm trying out clean and clear acne wash as well, recommended by one online beauty blogger in USA. So far, it's quite good! Will review soon! :)

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