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Nandos at Bugis Junction

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Me and C always talked about Nandos because we didn't have a chance to try it out till now! I have heard great reviews and raves about Nandos and always walked pass the restaurant without stepping in. I must first say that, their service is really good! 

Why? Their staffs are so cheerful especially the first one who approached us with huge smiles and recommended which to order as it's our first time here! Thus, we ended up with the dish below! (Can't remember the name. Espada or something o.o)

Basically it's boneless chicken served in skewers hanging on a metallic stand, and beneath holds a rather huge plate with your side dish. Yes, on the fries, is part of the chicken that dropped from the skewer. lol. You can choose the spicy level of your chicken. They have around 4 levels? Not spicy, mild spicy, spicy, and hot spicy. I chose spicy and it's not really spicy to my surprise. I should have chosen hot spicy. Their spicy level is not very intense. So for those spicy lovers, you might want to go ahead with hot spicy. 

So here's the chicken close up on the skewer. On the chicken, it has their special Peri-Peri sauce. It tasted like a mixture of spices and a little herbs, plus it's very salty in my opinion. Together with it is onions, and red date. Apparently, it's so salty that I asked C to try, and he agrees. Especially the red date. It would be good if they cut down on the salt of their sauce? C says it's the spices. Well, idk. Could be improve on the salt level but taste wise is good :)

Accompanied is the 2 side dishes of your choice. They do have quite a few side dishes available! I chose their french fries with their slightly spicy seasoning and their spice rice. 

Yes their rice is also salty. Lol. But very flavourful. I guess it's because of the food culture of South African originating from Mozambiquan-Portuguese? Their rice grains are nicely separated and cooked just nice too! Not too wet or hard/dry! Flavoured with yummy spices but just too salty for me.

Close up on the chicken that falls and you can see the yellow stuffs on the onion and chicken. It's the peri-peri sauce :)

The crispy french fries that the staff recommended. What is nice is the reddish powder on it. Salty though. But the taste is rather good. 

This is C's choice. The 1/4 chicken with peri-peri sauce. Apparently 1/4 means a big chicken drumlet. It's not that big either. So, those who has big appetite, order the huge one, like 1/2 or full? It's nice and juicy! Tender chicken definitely! Not as salty as mine! 

Accompanied it is the potato salad. I didn't try that but C ate finished this first, so I guess it's good?

The new side dish they just had, sweet potatos with cinnamon and some spices. This is quite nice though! But I can't finish the bowl myself. Too dry?

Another close up on his chicken!

Quite a pleasant experience at Nandos. I would rate my skewer dish a 4.1/5 due to the fact that it's really tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo salty. And rate his thigh dish a 4.2/5 because it's not as salty. However portion wise won't be full. What makes you full is the side dishes LOL.

End off with a picture of C :) 

Oh yes, our total bill was about $46+/-! 

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