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Spicy Thai Thai along Dickson Rd

Monday, July 16, 2012

Seeing my friends posting pictures of this interesting special steamboat bbq, I finally got my chance to go with them and try this place out - Spicy Thai Thai! 

The usual steamboat bbq are like seoul gardens style where the soup is in the center, and the bbq is surrounded. Yet, this place is different. I'll explain later! This place is located along Dickson Road. Turn in to Dickson road from Jalan Besar. I will include Map and Directions at the end of this post, so do check it out! :)

Here is HungryGoWhere's link on Spicy Thai Thai:

Around 7pm+ I arrived there, and together with the rest, they ordered Moo Kar Tar Thai Style Steamboat BBQ, BBQ Chicken Wings, Ron Fried Noodles & Crispy Hor Fun! The place is like at a back alley, beside a boutique hotel (I heard is Wanderlust hotel). Very style! Kyle mentioned that alot people like to head there for a drink, after their dinner at Spicy Thai Thai!

I left decisions to them as I have no idea which food are nice! Super excited when the food came. Meanwhile, here are only little bit of their menu and you can roughly gauge their pricng here! Judging from the portions, I personally felt that their pricing is very very reasonable. We ordered Ron Fried Noodles, and the portion is soooooooo huge! That plate alone can be shared amongst 2-3 people! If you order other dishes like us, the 4 of us actually shared this plate of noodles! 

This is the Moo Kar Tar Thai Style BBQ with Soup! Price is $35 that includes Vegs, Pork, Egg, Seafood. Their seafood is fresh especially their prawns! 

Below you can see the pricing for their BBQ Chicken Wings. It's very yummmmmy! Different from the usual BBQ wings you get from like hawkers, food courts, or seafood places that sell stingray etc (e.g. at Changi Village or Chomp Chomp). We ordered 6 pcs at $7.50. Each piece contains a chicken wing joined to a small drumlet. So total you get 12 pieces!


They provide 2 kinds of sauces, one is this green chilli, and the other is the red one.

This is the red one. I have tried both chillis. And to me, the green chilli is a little sourish taste, with spiciness! Good for seafood and even meat! 

The red one is more sweet taste. It's totally not spicy to me at all. My spicy-level-tolerant is average. I can take till a certain level of spiciness. Not those crazily spicy levels. For those who can't take spicy, I recommend the red one. :) Kyle told me that the red one does not taste spicy but the after effect is disastrous. However, I did try the red one little bit. And mostly ate the green one. I was expecting diarrhea but didn't. Eric is a high-spicy-tolerant person so it has no effect on him. Next time I shall try the red one, spam it, and see how it goes. I do have irritated intestines when I eat spicy food. So, shall try red one next time!

They sent this basket of leaves over, containing white leaf vegetables, kang kong, tang hoon/glass noodles, and an egg. Egg is for you to put on your pork like Sukiyaki before you BBQ it!

This is the pot! The soup will be poured surrounding the BBQ. BBQ is the center raised portion! As I was mentioning earlier, this style of BBQ steamboat is very different from the usual ones like those from Seoul Gardens. The common one has the soup at the centre, and bbq portion surrounding to separately both style of cooking and not get the food mixed up, oily and messy and steamboat is meant to be less oily, and bbq is like cooked with butter! 

However, this thai style, has a different approach! By situating their BBQ in the center, the flavour of meat, and other food that you cooked on the BBQ side will trickle down to the soup, and with the flavours combined, it really gives an edge to the taste of seafood&vegs, mixed with pork flavour bbq with pork lard! Look on below to see how it is being cooked! Warning: this bbq is very sinful =(

Another highlight of this bbq that I love is that, it is cooked with CHARCOAL! Cooking with charcoal not only give a tinge of a traditional flavourful smell and experience, as well as it makes your food yummy! See the holes on the bbq portion? That's how your meat will become so yums!

So the basket of veg, steamboat bbq pot, and this plate of seafood+meat is the whole $35 set of Moo Kar Tar! It consists of Prawns, Squids, Fish, Sliced Pork, Pork Belly, Pork Lards! The prawns are crunchy and fresh. I suggest you cook them in the soup as to me, bbq them or cook them has no difference. Perhaps pork lard don't go tgt with prawns. Prawns with butter instead is shiok-ness~! But there are only pork lard for bbqing! For squids, do bbq them! It'll become very fragrant! I love them when bbq with pork lard! Very very yums! For fish, do put them in soup as well! Sliced pork and pork belly, please do bbq themmmmmmmmm! The pork is soooooo super yummy! You can bbq it till abit charred, and eat them with the green sauce or just eat it alone! It's very fragrant! A little like our bah kwa! There are friends who told me that the pork is plain. However that day I went, it was nice and yummy! Which might lead me to a conclusion that the marination do vary due to human error? So thankfully that day I went and it was good! There were alot of working people eating there in big groups as well!

This is how you do your bbq! Put the pork lard right at the peak! And let the oil drizzle down! 

Meanwhile, you can add your veggies in! And fish & prawns!

Oh yes, and we ordered Iced Red Tea. It cost about $1.20 per cup. It's nice but very very sweet!

Egg added to the pork while the pork lard is melting away. Stir and mix the egg with the pork!

This is Ron Fried Noodles. Weihao's favourite. He was raving about it and telling me how he loved it and is the best noodles ever! This plate of noodles, has pork and vegs inside! It will be very very spicy for those who can't take spicy, and tolerable for those average spicy tolerant level, and totally no kick for those who can take very spicy food! The noodles are very soft, and is not the usual yellow starchy noodles we eat. It's abit like mee sua texture BUT thicker! It's not bad! To me, I find it quite okay, mainly love the spiciness of the dish :) It's more like I'm just eating spicy noodles! :/ Taste preference varies from people to people! So you guys can try it if you want especially if you love spicy food! It's only $5! :D You can inform the staff to increase the spiciness of your dish for any dish that you ordered! 

This plate of bbq chicken wings is a must-try! It taste abit like honey bbq wings! Little sweet with bbq taste! :D 6 pcs for $7.50! They have different price range for the amount of pcs you ordered! Each piece comes in a chicken wing attached at joint to a small drumlet! So for 6 joints we get 12 pieces! Worth!

Here is our steamboat bbq laid with our pork and food etc! You can opt for all-meat for your steaboat, meaning no seafood! But if you want a nice sweet tasting soup, go for the standard set! :) Our soup at the end was thick and so flavourful!

This is Eric's favourite, Crispy Hor Fun! It has seafood inside like squid and prawns, with vegs. The hor fun is fried, added seafood, and then gravy over! What attracts me is the hor fun being fried! Gives a very unique taste to the dish. It's not very salty, and quite okay. I can't remember how much it cost as I lost the picture of the receipt :/ I just simply love the hor fun being fried!

I super enjoyed this pork! In the end we ordered another plate of mixed pork at $10. Even though bbq`ing with pork lard is unhealthy and sinful, however it's once in a while that I ate this! It's soooooo yums! I love the crispiness when you eat the bbq pork! Must try must-try item! Those who don't eat pork can opt for chicken! :) 

So this is part of our dinner that day! 

At the end of the day, this is what's left! :P


Moo Kar Tar Steamboat BBQ: 4.4/5 ($35)
BBQ Chicken Wings: 4.3/5 (6 pcs for $7.50)
Ron Fried Noodles: 4/5 ($5)
Crispy Hor Fun: 4.1/5 ($10~? or less!)

In total, our bill came up to about $70! (It's $67+ to be exact I think if you want to know the exact amount) which is only about $17-$18 per person for so much food! Super worth!!!

I did read some reviews online that to check the bill on what you ordered as sometimes they add in items that you didn't order and charge you extra. For us, we just see the final amount! HAHA. I didn't know that there may be some discrepancies! Perhaps too many people at there eating that got them confused! 

I do recommend people to try Spicy Thai Thai at least once. The steamboat bbq is just simply too unique! I heard reviews online about their pineapple fried rice, and minced pork/chicken with basil leaves. I love both items from Nakhon Kitchen (blogged few times previously), and it has really been sooo yummy at Nakhon's. I'll definitely give it a try soon! Feel like challenging their super-spicy clear soup tomyum! I heard the clear ones are more deadly than the ones in red-orange colour (the usual ones we drink)!

Note: I do have friends who don't like pork. If you are not a pork person, or you don't like super oily stuffs, den I don't recommend the steamboat bbq. You can try other dishes instead :) They have plenty of dishes are super affordable prices! Mostly just $5! 

Oh yes, Kyle recommend Gung Che Num Pa (Raw Prawns with Chilli)! If you love spicy alot, do ask the staff to increase the amount of chilli! :D 

Below is the opening hours of the place!

We walked from Bugis, and I noticed from the map that you can walk from little india also! So it's convenient for both purple and green line! Not to worry, both stations are near red line also! Do click to enlarge for better view! It's along Dickson Road!

This is a zoomed-in version of the place!

I'll end of this post with the 3 awesome tall people that was with me to enjoy this sumptuous meal! (Yes, and you know how these portions fed 4 of us full given that 3 of them were guys! So it's really a good deal!)

Kyle! The boss! He ate the most balanced meal! Seafood, pork, vegs! He helped to finish most of the veggies because the rest of us didn't really like veggies  *guilty*! And not forgetting, Thanks Kyle for this meal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Super thanks!!!! :D:D:D

Eric! The super-can-take-high-level-spiciness guy! He loves pork! LOL! And can't take seafood! Definitely not a veg lover. He was the one who organise this meal! It is through these 2 guys that I found out about Spicy Thai Thai! Definitely going back to try again! :D (Maybe going tmr LOL)

Last but not least, Mr Toilet Paper! Weihao! HAHA! I kept laughing at how he pose with the toilet paper! He lovessss the spicy noodles! And he lovesssss the pork! LOL!

p.s. I feel like a glutton. I think I gorged like a pig that day :S And had alot unglams moments #failed Apologies in the different colour tones of my pictures :/ Used different camera to take and was undecisive of the colour tone I want to use :/ Thus, yea. My pictures definitely do not do justice to the food! 

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