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Dona Manis Cake Shop

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Lo and behold! I was introduced to this bread/cake shop while working at katong 2 years ago. My friend brought me to this shop where it's run by an old grandpa (but still fit and cheery!) and a few old grandmas and aunties! It looks like a old-time tradition cake shop where they would keep baking, making delicious stuffs. Of cos, I have tried quite a number of food there including their all-time-super-delicious-and-yummy BUTTER BUN!

So this cake shop is called DONA MANIS cake shop located at the basement of Katong Shopping Centre. Yes, Katong Shopping Centre has alot of domestic helpers agencies in there as well. So some of you might be familiar where it might be! 

Address: 866 Mountbatten Road, #B1-93, Katong Shopping Centre, S437844.

Tel: 64407688

Basically their shop is quite a small, simple store front, and everyday, their cakes and breads and delicacies are freshly made! I first ate is their BUTTER BUNS. Apologies that there are no pictures of them this time round (I've blogged about it way 2 years back before) as when I reached there around 1pm, all were sold out. YES, people working around the area, all flock there to buy, even the residents around katong swoop off all the butter buns. To order their butter buns, do call them around 10.30am and RESERVE them stating you would come and collect it later (e.g. lunch time). Because the buns are usually sold out by NOON. You know why their butter buns are so popular? When freshly made, the first bite into the bun, is crispy hot, yet soft inner bread, very nostalgic, and what burst and flows into your taste buds is the warm hot butter mixture (I guess they mix with quality butter and sugar! The proportion is great!)! I do not, and DO NOT eat butter alone. However, this butter bun is simply irresistible! I was skeptical when my friend let me try one. From then on, I kept buying them EVERYDAY at work, till I gained like 3kg wts -.- BEWARE: Yes butter is fattening. Do not keep spamming though it's addictive keke. Each cost $1.20! Super worth!
From the link above, you can see people raving about their banana pie and butter buns! Their top 2 choices! However, I didn't see anyone raving about another particular food that is SUPERB. THE CHOCOLATE TARTS! Their chocolate tarts are fabs! Please do eat upon buying! It's nice when it's cold! At 70cents each, the quality chocolate they use, is superb. It has 2 layers when you bite, top thinner darker layer which I guess is dark chocolate! And inner soft layer is milk chocolate that is not overly-too-chocolate till you get ulcers, yet chocolatey enough for chocolate lovers when it's rich, smooth, and makes you crave for a 2nd one! Even my mum who is like me, eat 1 piece of chocolate and we get sore throats and ulcers, couldn't resist a 2nd one! And amazingly, we didn't have sore throat! :D The outer crust is so ever crispy and yums! Total love!

These are the other products they sell! I have not tried every single one, given that I do not love cheese (they have blueberry cheese cake if I remembered well).

I've tried chocolate tarts, scones, butter buns, eclair! Scones is quite nice too! My top picks: Butter Buns & Chocolate Tarts! Shall pop by to try banana pie as recommended by people however I didn't see them when I went at 1pm+. You guys might have to reserve it too!

These are the 3 items we've gotten them when I dragged my dad to buy!

Dad says the durian puff is quite nice! However my aunt who is an avid durian lover, thinks it's not the best yet! My verdict on chocolate eclair, is that the outer layer is abit too dry, but the inner chocolate cream is good. The best bet is the chocolate tart! Do really try them! Worth to get! We got 1 box of 10 tarts! :D And it's not enough!!!!! When I pop by, I shall get them again!

Do try them and tell me if you love it!

Butter Buns: 4.8/5 ($1.20 each)
Chocolate Tarts: 4.8/5 ($0.70 each)
Chocolate Eclair: 4/5 ($3 per box)
Durian Puff: 4.2/5 ($4 per box)
Scones: 4.2/5  ($1 each iirc)
(pretty normal scones! But good enough!)

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