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b.liv Off with those head by Cellnique

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sorry for some out-of-focus picture x: The camera is too heavy for me to hold with 1 hand. Because apparently I was holding the product with 1 hand, and another hand holding the camera. Too heavy till I was shaking! 

NOTE: Personally, I feel it's more of a PREVENTION rather than a cure. Blackheads/whiteheads cannot be entirely removed through any form of cream. Pores do not close that easily. The ultimate solution is to seek laser treatment (which I would in future). 

Behold this amazing product that works for me. Apparently, I was very troubled by my nose. Okay due to my itchy hand when I was young and ignorant, it caused many open pores, and acne scars, which caused even more white/black heads to form! 

So I googled about different reviews and products, and happen to chance upon a lady reviewing about this b.liv off with those heads sebum gel. And I went to search for even more reviews about this gel and realised, hell yeah, alot people gave good reviews about it and guarantee about the results! Thus, I went to SASA at Nex to find out about this product, just coincidental with the GSS period, they have 20% off (30% off if you purchase 2 and above b.liv products!) I recently went to purchase a 2nd bottle as well as the one for pores but pores one don't seems to work. Will still continue using and see how.

So back to off with those heads. This product really works. I swear by it. 

First you need to do is to use a pore pack, the one i blogged previously below, and then use this on. Pore pack use it like 2 times per week? It really depends on how bad your white/black heads are! If you got alot, then use more frequently? 

But I swear after you apply this, apply this everytime you cleanse your face. Put this after your toner. I applied it all over my nose, and my t-zone. Abit on my cheeks also. So to prevent little bumps that seems like whiteheads. It acts as a prevention as well! 

Apply anywhere that has white/black head. Massage using your fingers in circular motion for just a few seconds! Then you can apply your other products on like moisturizer, serum or anything else you apply. I use it twice a day, morning and night after bath! Most of my white heads are almost not there :D (I have mostly white heads than black!) 

This product is to reduce your white/blackheads appearing, not to cure your open pores! Do not be mistaken! You can tell by the previous post of the amount of white heads being taken off with the pore pack and kept appearing again last time! After using this product, I can say most did not reappear! :D 

 I still do have bad open pore problems though. Those have solution to big open pores please do tell me at or tweet me at @charbearbear!

As you can see from the above picture, the liquid is almost transparent. It's very light gel. No feeling at all, but works for me. I now use 1 pore pack per 2 weeks LOL. I just apply this everyday! 

As noted on the bottle:
Precautions: It is normal for more oil to be secreted during initial period. Those with sensitive skin may experience mild stinging sensation. 

So far, none of this happened for me. And my skin is kinda sensitive. Stinging, not really. Maybe initial stage abit cooling? Can't remember cos now totally no feeling at all. Btw, Cellnique is a product from USA :)

Click to enlarge the picture so you can read the ingredients! 

Stated on the bottle:
Usage: Use off with those heads daily, or your cleansed, towel-dried face. 
1. Pump 2-3 pea-sized drops of off with those heads onto your palm
2. Apply on T-zone areas, or areas with black and whiteheads.

What more is cool is that, it has 2 weeks money-back guarantee! So far I didn't because it works for me! I did mention earlier that the pore one (Another b-liv product) didn't work for me =( But I know I should keep trying! 

Anyway, good luck with this product! Oh yes, it costs $60++ for this 30ml bottle and $90++ for the 45ml! I swear it's worth because I have used it for about 1-2months and only used barely 1/20 of it -.- You can see from the above pictures! Confirm can use for several months! So lets say 6months, each month only $10! and each day only $0.30? LOL. That is if you want a better skin! 

I'm not sure if the promotion is still there at SASA. You can talk with the sales girl and see ask if she has sample for you to try first? All the best! 

Disclaimer: Everyone skin works differently. It may work very well for me, but may not for you. Please do google for other girl's review e.g. by typing "off with those heads review b.liv cellnique" and you can see reviews popping up. Read those before putting in your money. Also, this products is for all genders. Thanks for hope it helps you all :)

p.s. I'm definitely not sponsored by any beauty companies or anyone for all the products I've reviewed. All paid by me! 

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