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Biore Pore Pack Black

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm sure quite some number of people did use this before! And I love this one - Biore Pore Pack Black. Just to say first, Pore Packs cannot remove all white & black heads. It can remove those on the surface. I know there are some people with deep pores and white/black heads that are harder to come off, and the only way is extraction at facial or do it yourself which I don't really recommend because you may create a scar unknowingly! 

NOTE: I did include picture of my pore pack after I removed from my nose, so you can close the page if you don't want to see it. I include it to show you guys that it does work! :)

Pore packs are good to use because it can help to remove 50-80% or some even 90% of your heads! Through experience, I now use it right after I shower, and I literally meant, right after! Even before you dry yourself after showering. Reason being, I put it after I dry myself, wear on clothes, and walked to my room, then take the pore pack, and put it on. What I noticed is that, my pores are closed already. Like tighten. I shower with warm water, thus, the pores will open up! And it's a better way to get more heads out with this method! 

How to put on pore pack? Wet your nose slightly, and put it on! That way, it'll stick better. Wet it especially on your white/black heads and it'll stick much better, and remove it more efficiently! The down side of black pore pack is that, there maybe some black remnants on your nose. You can just wash it off with water. So it's nothing big deal! 

Click to enlarge picture! Open it in a new tab!

So it comes in this kind of packaging, has 10 inside! Just tear it off, and you'll see a black pore pack on a thin transparent plastic film! Put it on your nose! The instruction says 10-15mins. It varies depending on how wet your nose is! I once did it when my face was soooo wet cos I put it right after I shower. That instant! And it took so long to dry lol -.- So do not over wet it! As long as the pore pack feels dry and hard, you can remove it! Just peel it gently!

To show you guys that it really works, this is mine after I did! 

A close up on it!

Right after the pore pack, I applied one serum/gel on my nose! That works amazing and I have much lesser white/blackheads! I haven't done on the pictures yet! Will do soon! :x

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