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22nd year of my life & Buffet Town Review

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm so glad that, Hey hello! I'm alive, well and healthy, blogging abt the 22nd year I'm living in this world, the day I arrived, and yes, thank God for everything!

So this very day, the same in every year, is a celebration together with my family. We will have dinner together, and a cake cutting at home! This time round, we decided to give a go on a buffet place, called "Buffet Town". It is at B1 of Raffles City, City Hall mrt. (Located near watsons, just walk right to the end!)

And, upon arriving, I saw my brother with this toy. KEKE. This is his first present to me ever! I was super ultra damn touched! Even for mothers' day he got something for my mum! So cute right this soft toy. He was telling me that he was deciding between winnie the pooh and this. HENG HE GOT THIS. winnie the pooh one is hard and HARDER. This one is soft! It's currently on my bed! And I sleep with it!

So directly onto food, pardon me I took with my iPhone cos I didn't want to lug a huge camera while on heels :S Will be less lazy! x: Review of amazing products will be blogged soon! :)

So for a start, I ate this plate of sashimi. C & I love sashimi alot and we attacked them first when we arrive at the restaurant. We were under RESERVATION however, there is still queue. Because simply TOO MANY PEOPLE, especially working adults, coming here to eat! They come in big groups! Even families came! And groups of teenagers! Upon entering, you'll be given a "chop" on ur hand. So that when you go toilet, and re-enter, you can show ur hand under the light to see the chop!

Left is salmon, it taste fresh, BUT, did u notice the sides of the slice? A darker edge of it? It seems like they took more to the side of the fish or something. That makes the taste a little different. Well, they were cutting this portion when we took. I think they have other parts of the fish. So yea, but it's fresh :) C spammed it! LOL. You will notice the food pictures I posted have little portions of each type because BUFFET TOWN HAS TOO MANY VARIETIES! Even so, all these pictures aren't all the food they have! I can't stomach anymore so, definitely will go on a 2nd trip down! Top is tuna fish. Well, it's fresh too! But I don't like tuna sashimi :S Bottom is small prawns. It's nice and has a sweet after taste. definitely a love! And on the right, idk what sashimi it is. But I still stick to my prawns and salmon :D


This is definitely a major rave. My sister took like portions of the waffle. The ice cream is good as well! Mum and dad loves it! :D They have different flavours like chocolate vanilla, white choc mocha, etc! I can't really remember all. I just mad love the waffles! It looks soft but when you eat them, it's yummilicious! Definitely a must-try item! I don't like those dry-hard waffle that some cafe or restaurants serve. 


They have satay, steamed fish, and grilled mushroom! Satay was okay. A little hard. Grilled mushroom was nice! It goes better with a sauce available at the counter beside it for shishamo! Else, it's very mushroom-y with grilled fragrance! Love the steamed fish!  It's dory!


The crayfish was somehow not super fresh! The meat was a little soft. But still, nice! It's at the cold dish area, seafood on ice! Love the prawns because it's fresh and crunchy! The scallop was average! 


Didn't eat this because I don't really prefer to. C ate these. with tabasco and lime! So Idk the verdict of it. C & I went to THE LINE @ Shangri-la to eat their international buffet. So far, we felt that the sashimi at THE LINE is definitely fresher, and the salmon is yums because C ate like mountains of it. But, the price of buffet town is HALF of THE LINE. So we thought that in terms of consideration between both restaurants and their price, BUFFET TOWN seems to edge more over than THE LINE.

C loves crab! something that both THE LINE and BUFFET TOWN has. I didn't try this. But he cleared the plate. So I guess it's okay?

Sorry for this blur picture. The noodles on the right is EE FU noodles! It's not bad! Not too salty! Fried rice goes well with chilli! Must eat the chilli thou their chilli is kinda spicy. Pls do try the ginger chicken. IT'S FABULOUS. Another must-try item! The beef at the chinese side, stir fry beef is soft and chewy. Definitely easy to eat and swallow. I have encountered stir fry beef that was so tough I just spit it out. This is definitely a keeper!


Dad and mum ate this laksa and love it! I skipped this because it's so sinful and fattening x: 

Roasted potatoes on the left, sweet potatoes on the right, pizzas at the bottom. They have 3 kinds of pizzas. and C said it's nice. He did have 2nd helpings of them! 


LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THIS ROASTED HAM! Especially the skin is sooooooo taste! Pls do ask for the part WITH THE SKIN! Just take away the fats before you eat. Unless you like eating as a whole. The meat is so nice too! 


Mad love this spaghetti penne! Ingredients of YOUR CHOICE! Remember to take MORE ingredients! And tell the chef to add LESS penne  / spaghetti! Cos apparent C took a 2nd serving and it was too much penne that it tasted not as good as the first one! Request for more tomato sauce! I remembered asking C to take photo of all the ingredients you can choose and the type of pasta. But I lost it ._. Sorry!


This is stir-fry station! LOVE THIS! Seafood with lots of vegs! Share it with ur friends because of the large amount of food available, you confirm can't finish!


This curry is gooooooooooood! :D There are bread to go with! You can dip and eat! 


Spicy sweet sour prawns! :D Pictures shows it well!


Curry vegetables! It's nice that dad finished off!


OH MY ! I love this pork! 3-layered pork! Definitely love. Soft and yummy!


Sausage on the top left was average, didn't like it alot. On the right is the dory fish as mentioned above. Bottom right is the beef which is quite nice And bottom left is the chicken! Yums! Oh yes, I love the french fries. They added some seasoning to it. Took 1 only because it's sinful!

It's a mix of everything! scallops, chicken, prawns, sotong, veg. It just goes into my tummy! LOL.

Okay, CHILLI CRAB. Super must say. Love the fried man tou. Even C ate it! LOL. But the pincers are hard to crack. Don't worry, tell the waiters, they'll help you do it in the kitchen. The service crew aren't many YET efficient. Our plates were removed quite fast. Didn't had to stack much! And their service is good as well! Love it! Service make a restaurant so much better! My brother had difficulty cracking the pincers and one of the waiters smiled and took it from us to bring it to the chef to get it cracked and joked with us that he wants to eat it instead LOL.


Miso soup. Oridinary!

Their shishamo are mostly male :( But it's quite nice. Average ba. There, saw the mushroom? :D

MY ULTIMATE FAV!  I put maple syrup and chocolate sauce. My advise, JUST GO WITH CHOCOLATE SAUCE. :D

Old Melon Soup! Yums! Saw the ball at the side? It's takoyaki! C says it's nice! :D And the long roll is shrimp roll! Not bad too! 

Do not try this :( Dad said it's not nice! :/ I didn't try it though! 

C's 2nd serving of pasta and at the background is his idk how many servings of pizzas. LOL

Overall is a must-go place! Lots of varieties. Cost for dinner is about $34.80++ per person! Lunch is cheaper! I went during weekday because my bday falls on a weekday. You can opt to go on weekends if you want but i think the price is higher! Their lines often engaged because it's soooo busy. We made reservation through their website. I highly recommend you to make online reservation. So much easier. Then arrive there early to go in! 

They have their menus available online too! Go check it out! They'll give you a call prior to the date of the reservation! :)

Now spams with photos of my face! lol

Nah, this is C!

See ya :D

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